'The Sparrow’s Egg' STEM Kit

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The Sparrow's Egg

Assemble your fleet of cargo-carrying FT Sparrows with this Ready to Teach Package! This package includes everything you need to teach the Sparrow’s Egg lesson.  

Lesson Outline

 Build an attachment for the FT Sparrow that can safely carry an egg across the room! In this lesson, students build FT Sparrow planes and design a cargo mechanism for the aircraft that can to transport an object safely.

Recommended for grades 4-12.



  • Understand the fundamentals of flight
  • Build an aircraft and design an attachment that can carry an object
  • Emphasize safety, collaboration and teamwork
  • Encourage creative problem-solving


Package Includes...

  • FT Sparrow Speed Build Kits
  • Clay Weighting Kit
  • 2 sheets of spare foam board per 5 pack


The Sparrows Egg Lesson also requires...

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Box Knives
  • Tape

 If you lack these materials in your classroom you can purchase them in the STEM Assembly Kit.  We Recommend one STEM Assembly Kit per 5 students.


Download Free Lesson and Curriculum HERE





Reviews (1)

Kirk Rasmussen 7th Nov 2016

Great build for Stem

I have bought 20 of these for STEM training. I need more info on adding the egg for competition flying.