STEM Curriculum License (1 year)

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The FT STEM curriculum is an online comprehensive education program for grades K-12 that is fun, flexible and customizable, developing student STEM skills through a variety scratch build aircraft activities. With access to dozens of ready to use lessons, a wide variety of models and materials, hundreds of videos and a huge community, students will find FT STEM universe a place like no other. As a teacher, you will have the ability to create and organize classes, invite students, access lesson plans or create new ones, assign tasks, communicate and track progress with the provided online tools, all in one place.

 Develops STEM and flying skills through a variety of fun, hands-on scratch build aircraft activities.
  • Comprehensive K–12 curriculum.
  • Online Interactive Classrooms allow teachers and homeschool parents to assign lessons, create new curriculums, track student progress in a shared environment, or remotely at distance.
  • Access to discount materials from the FliteTest STEM Store.
  • Apply to funding programs, or win one of our monthly sponsorships.
  • Unlimited students and classes, and access to all future developed content.
  • One on one support, to get you started.
  • Build and share customized lessons and curriculums with other teachers.
  • Teacher first year premium is credited towards kit purchases. 10 day full trial, only $99 per year after.




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