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Sidewinder Edition COMPLETE Gremlin Turbo Kit

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Complete Sidewinder Kit Includes:

1x Sidewinder Edition Frame 
4x FT 1106 –4500kv motors 
2x HQ T2.5x3.5x3 Purple Props
1x HGLRC FULL Stack XJB F428-TX20.V2
1x RunCam Micro Swift 2
1x FT 2.0 Hex 
1x FT 1.5 hex
1x XT-30 male w/ 40mm lead
1x Single JST Male Connector w/ leads
1x FT Logo Sticker


The idea behind this COMPLETE Turbo Gremlin Kit is to give you everything you need right out of the box to build a high performance 2 to 3 inch Gremlin.  Our own Matt Nowakowski has been using this exact setup to win races for some time now.  Since he has done all of the work testing and finding what works best for him it is time to pass it on to the community!  If you would rather not spend the time building and tuning your new gremlin, let us do it for you!  

With the power of the FT 1106 4500kv motors whether you choose 2, 2.5 or 3 inch props you're sure to not be disappointed.  Pair that up with the HGLRC Stack that is in itself a micro powerhouse, F4 flight controller with OSD, 4 in1 28amp continuous current ESC and a 40ch 5.8ghz VTX that can do 25/100/200 and 350mw AND a RunCam Micro Swift 2... all able to run on anything from 2 cell to 4 cell... The only thing not included is Matt flying out to your house to fly it for you! 

If you enjoy this new line of Gremlins half as much as we do you're sure to have an absolute blast. 

Turbo Gremlin “Sidewinder Edition” Frame
Designed by Matthew Nowakowski

This frame was created with performance and durability in mind!! Simple yet effective hour glass shape design, which makes for a strong bottom plate. It has been put to the test in both racing/freestyle and has proving it self to be a worthy contendor.

-11XX series motors
-20x20 HGLRC Stack 
-RunCam Micro
-3cell 650mah-850mah 
-2”-3” propeller

Length Diagonally motor to motor


Weight with hardware and 3D prints (no electronics)


Frame kit includes:

-2mm Bottom Plate
-1.5mm top plate
-25mm nylon standoffs x4
-M3x6 red anodized aluminum screw x8
-3D print for Micro cam 
-battery pad
-battery retainer bands x2



Reviews (2)

Zeb 25th Feb 2018

This really rips!

This quad is really fun to fly lots of power for the size ive been using 4s 850 bat little big but it carries it well. pros: awesomeness is off the chart, assembly is fairly straight forward, tons of features, sturdy. cons: no build video yet made the process not so easy for a noob. beta flight setup I had a little trouble getting the fc to see the receiver no instructions for the port parameters. vtx gets pretty hot and yes antenna is always attached.my current senor doesn't seem to be reading correctly it shows 23amps draw constantly even when disarmed and the mah used is off the scale due to the mp draw being so high this could be easily something i did wrong in the parameters not sure yet. but at the end of the day this thing rocks to fly its fast and rips has tons of power to punch out of a jam with lots to spare all of the fun of the original gremlin and none of the weaknesses. its not a fan of freezing temps does the same thing my vortex 150 does when it gets too cold I lose throttle response and makes an unplanned landing lol. it flys a lot like the vortex 150 only little more agile, not as much mass. if your a noob might want some help with assembly and dialing it in, factory tune seems pretty good i haven't messed with the rates or pids yet it seems pretty good as is. turtle mode was easy to set up on this one, after assigning a switch found the motors would not reverse in turtle mode i put in the latest firmware in the esc and it was all good works great. anyhow great job flite test you rock!

Stephen Davis 24th Feb 2018


This sidewinder edition quad is awesome. Crazy fast!!!!!! You will not be disappointed with this one bit. Everything is well thought out. I run mine on a 700mah 60c and get about 3 min depending how i fly.