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Push Rods - 8 Pack 16.5"

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8 pack of 1mm (approximately) diameter push rods that are 16.5" (420 mm). 


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Nathanael 13th Aug 2017

They bend

I was happy with these pushrods when I built my Mustang. All I needed was a few inches of pushrod to connect the control surface to the servo. But then I built the Simple Cub and the Simple Soar. Both of these planes require a lot longer pushrod. When building my Simple Cub, I noticed the pushrods would bend as the servo pushed on them. They worked great when the servo pulled, but the rods would bend on push causing very little movement of the control surface. I was able to fix that by gluing a section of pushrod in the middle of the bending pushrod. This improved the situation but the rod still bends a bit. But then I had problems with my Simple Soar. I noticed I had very little left rudder control (I believe it was) during flight one day. Upon inspection, I found out that the pushrods were bending. Ugh. These pushrods work great when you use a short length (like on the Mustang), but not so great for the planes that require a longer pushrod like the Simple Soar and the SImple Cub. I'm not sure what to do about this problem because getting a bigger pushrod would require a bigger linkage stopper, and a bigger linkage stopper would require a bigger control horn.

Roy Hargrove 25th Dec 2016

Push rods! Note their length!

A lot of people are saying that they were too short, when it tells you exactly how long they are. Measure before you order! These are great, long enough for me to build my mighty Mustang only using 2 of them! It does say in the description that they are 16.5 in long.