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Power Pack H (Micro Twin)

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Great things come in all different sizes.  The new Power pack H opens a door to a whole new size of DIY aircraft.  Mixing great efficiency and power from our gremlin class quad line-up. The Power Pack H features 1106 motors swinging a 3" prop.  This combination allows for quiet efficiency on 2,3,or 4 cell batteries.  We have taken a new direction with the Power pack H and included a power distribution board.  This simple board allows for easy soldering and also great flexibility to add fun and exciting accessories like FPV, lights, etc.   You can count on many great designs coming out for this new power pack for both indoor and outdoor.  Our hope is that the Power Pack H opens the door to new pilots, Stem programs, and backyard fliers.  We are also excited to see what our great community designs to be powered by this great little motor combo. 



2x Emax 1106 4500kv Motors
2x Emax 12a Bullet ESC's
2x  ES9051 Servos
1x  Emax 5v/12v Power Distribution Board
1x  FT 1.5mm Hex Driver
1x  JST Male Lead
1x  JST Female Lead
3x 20cm Servo Extentions
2 sets  GemFan 3035 TriBlade Propellers
2 pc  1/8" Heatshrink

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