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Power Pack B TWIN (Fixed Wing Small)

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Contains everything needed to power one of our Small Fixed Winged TWIN Planes such as the FT Bronco.  The only other components you will need to fly is a battery/charger and transmitter/receiver. The included motor and ESC comes pre soldered with 3.5mm Bullets and XT60 Connector. 

We have updated the Power Pack B to include the MT2213-935kv motor that will provide more thrust at less amp draw!  The MT2213 motor installs much easier than the previous motor and is also much more durable

  By using a 10x4.5 propeller with a 3 cell battery on the MT2213 you will see more thrust at less amps than the previous B pack motor!

  If you use the 9x4.5 propeller with a 3 cell battery on the MT2213 you will see about the same (approximately 80g less thrust) than the previous B pack motor however the amp draw is MUCH less.

We are providing both size propellers in the Power Pack so you can try them out and see what works best for your flying style!

  You can also utilize a 4 cell battery with this combo, however you should use an 8x4.5 propeller.

Full efficiency charts for the motor setups located in the images!


Pack Includes:

  • (2) Motor-EMAX MT2213-935KV
  • (2) ESC - BL-Heli 20 amp (XT60 connector)
  • (6) Servos - 9 gram
  • (1) Y-Lead 
  • (4) Extensions - 20 cm
  • (6) Linkage Stoppers
  • (2) Propellers (9x4.5)
  • (2) Propellers (10x4.5)
  • (1) Allen Wrench
  • (1) Screwdriver

Reviews (2)

14th Nov 2016


Seriously I spent money on this 'power pack' and it doesn't come with a battery splitter that I NEED TO FLY. Isn't the point of this to make everything you need to put in your aircraft available for one price?

31st Dec 2015

Great product.

I love all no flight test products. I have at least five of the foam airplanes. But I just wish just came with the battery splitter. Or they let you know you needed to order it separately. So I'm just waiting on that's battery splitter that I can fly to give a better review.