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Mighty Mini Pun Jet

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The Mini Pun Jet is a folding wing delta that was originally designed by Peter Sripol to drop out of the cargo bay of his cargo plane, the Guinea Pig. It wasn't long before we found that the Pun Jet flies great even without the folding wing set up and is a great stand alone platform to take with you wherever you go. Set up some extreme throws, and the Pun Jet will perform ballistic rolls and basic aerobatics. Dial in our recommended throws, and the Pun Jet is a great intermediate bank and yank flyer. 

This includes the airframe only (no electronics).

  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 4.1 oz (116 g)
  • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 7.25 inches (184 mm) from nose
  • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12 ̊ - 16 ̊ deflection Expo 30%
  • WINGSPAN: 14.5 inches (368 mm)
  • RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 2200 kv 250 size motor
  • RECOMMENDED PROP: 5 x 4 prop minimum
  • RECOMMENDED ESC: 12 amp minimum
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 500 mAH 3s lipo
  • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (2) 5 gram servos






Kit includes:

  • Laser-cut foam airframe
  • Firewall (Mini)
  • Push rods
  • Control horn
  • Data Sheet
  • Velcro


FT Pun Jet Build  

Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! Some videos may use white foam board, which is no longer available and has now been replaced with water-resistant foam board.


Reviews (6)

MARK 30th Jan 2017

very good

It was a very good plane but when I got it had dents on the wings so I repair it and the shipping was very late but it was a fun time to build. Thank you flight test

30th Oct 2016

Can't control the torque roll.

Build was OK, balance OK. Rolls hard left on launch and can't correct it. Still working on getting it to fly.



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