'Houston, We Have A Problem' STEM Kit

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Houston We Have a Problem

Get mission control and FT Shuttle Glider astronauts ready for action with this Ready to Teach Package! This package includes everything you need to teach the Houston We Have A Problem lesson, including speed build kits, washers and lesson tools.

Lesson Outline

Guide the astronauts in the FT Shuttle Glider to safety! In this lesson, students build shuttle gliders and add small weights to the cargo bay to adjust the flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Recommended for grades K–4.


  • Understand the basics of flight
  • Emphasize safety, collaboration and teamwork
  • Encourage creative problem-solving
  • Introduce students to careers in science and technology

Package Includes

●  5 FT Shuttle Glider Speed Build Kits

●  6 Washers per shuttle

●  2 Extra sheets of foam per 5 pack

Download Free Lesson and Curriculum HERE


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