Flite Test

Glue Sticks 10 inch - (1lb /10 Pack)

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Flite Test Glue Sticks offer a superior bond to many difficult surfaces like cement, plastic, glass, and most importantly foamboard. We have extensively tested dozens and dozens of glue formulas to find the perfect mixture for us. It is critical to us that our glue performs perfectly because it is such a vital ingredient to everything we do. 

We hope you like it as much as we do! 

Dimensions: 10"x.5"


Reviews (14)

Lloyd Prunier 14th Mar 2017

Same brand I bought years ago!

I was surprised to see these were the same glue sticks I have had for many years. I know the new ones will be as good or maybe even better. I will do some testing to see how they compare. With the new 200 watt gun I can now get some use out of the glue sticks.

Ted C 12th Feb 2017

Superior formula

These sticks have a really good working time, and minimal stringiness. I use a cheap silicone spatula from the kitchen tools section of the grocery store to wipe up the glue joints. It works way better than little foam scraps!