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FT270 Chase Quad Frame

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It's heeeerrrreeeeee....

Each frame comes with a secondary camera plate that can directly mount a GoPro session gimbal for some epic smooth footage.   When building the FT270 Chase quad, be aware of the spacing between the plates.  The frame is designed for a single board stack such as the DYS F4 Flight controller, Armattan CL F4, FuriousFPV Kombini etc.  You can look at how we set up our quads in the screenshots.

The goal for the FT Chase Quad is a good balance between speed, endurance and smooth video.  If we are able to keep up with most of the planes, able to fly for around 10 minutes while obtaining smooth video, it's a WIN!

On a recent test at cruising speed we got just over 13 minutes on a 2800mah 4s battery! 

If you want our FT270 Chase Quad in a BIND AND FLY format, just check out our listing HERE!!

Our Chase Quad setup consists of:

FT270 Frame

T-Motor F80 1900kv motors

35a EMax Bullet ESC's

DYS F4 Flight Controller

TBS Unify Pro HV

Flite Test Edition RunCam Swift 2

DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver

TBS Triumph Antenna

HQ Prop 6045

Hyperion Si-Graphene LiHV 4s 2800mah 90c



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Jake 4th Feb 2018

Great 6" Long Range or Chase Platform

This is a killer frame. It's not fancy and doesn't have anodized or titanium parts all over it, but it's extremely utilitarian and high-function. The bottom carbon plate is incredibly thick and super strong, and top-mount battery position is nice too. The camera mounting and angle adjustment is effective and super well implemented - it's easier to setup and adjust than most other frames out there. The build that Flite Test uses for their chase footage (and the super long flight times) is sweet, but I love mine with a few small changes - it's a pretty configurable frame. I should note, if you can build tight stacks, it is barely possible to fit two 30.5 boards in this frame.