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The FT Versacopter T-shirt design comes from an exploded view of all the intricacies that make up the FT Versacopter V2 quad!  Now you can show your support for you favorite FT quadcopter with this 100% cotton t-shirt in stunning midnight black with white printed accents!  We wanted to give the FT community a shirt that had a SPECFIC product design that had meaning to the company as well as allowed the community to feel like they could not only fly their Versacopter V2, but could also WEAR IT(even while they fly!!!).  Let us know what you think in the Review section below and let us know what you would like to see on a shirt one day...!!! Lets Fly!!  


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Jonathan Pease 2nd May 2016

Great Design

I come from an Architecture background so the exploded view of the Versacopter is something I enjoyed. The shirt and screen printing is a very high quality. Great shirt for the money.