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FT VersaCopter 280- V2 -Quad Kit

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V2 Quad Color Schemes
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This quad is built for a 6" prop Set up!

When adding the E-pack(Best) option, this comes with the 2000KV motors.

The FT VersaCopter V2 is HERE!! It is all now at your fingertips!  With an array of vibrant colors you can now put your own spin on your VersaCopter.   Customization...you got it! Go crazy and create!  Upgrade now and see all the potential this quad has to offer!!

This machine is one of a kind!  Its one of the only quads on the market that allows for the consumer(YOU!) to customize and create their very own flying machine!  Not only do you get to change and flip colors, but you can also take the copter itself and reconfigure it in different ways!  The FT Versacopter V2 Quad is now tougher and better then ever!  Make yours today and become part of the "V2-EXPERIENCE"

The FT VersaCopter V2 Quad Kit includes:

1x- Top VersaCopter Plate

1x- Bottom VersaCopter Power Distribution Plate

2x- Carbon fiber booms

4x- Aluminum Motor Mount *(sets)* 

2x- Aluminum Boom Bracket *(sets)*


1x- Delrin Structural Casing 

1x- Delring backside antenna/battery lead 

1x- 10pck 30mm Screwpack

1x- 10pck 22mm Screwpack

2x- FT battery straps


12x- 4" Black zip ties

2x- 8" Black zip ties

1x- grommet

1x- FT sticker


Reviews (57)

Dave 6th Sep 2017

Versacopter V2

I'm extremely happy with the versacopter. Coming from a Phantom quad there's a bit of a learning curve and therefore I have definitely been testing the durability of this copter . My Versa is set up with 30a esc's and 2306 2400 Kv motors . Plenty of power. My only modification to the frame so far was to add some 1/2" wooden dowels thru the carbon to reinforce the booms that I cracked while hitting a tree at 3/4 throttle. Definitely pilot error and in no way a problem with the versacopter but the addition of the wood crazy glued to the carbon has added considerable strength to the frame for a marginal amount of added weight. Over all this is a great kit , easy to build and maintain and with the addition of the dowels it has become a flying tank

Parker 26th May 2017

Not enough room

This is a cool quadcopter that has a kind of unique look to it. However, the inside of the aircraft is way too small to fit everything that is required to make it fly (flight controller, receiver, etc.). In their build video for this aircraft, it's much easier because to fit everything because they have different equipment that I do. If you plan on using anything other than what they use, be prepared to try and fight for space inside the aircraft where virtually everything has to sit. This limits what you can add to it and what you can use. Because of that, I give it three stars. It has made this build much more complicated, and I am not happy about that.