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FT Sunglasses are comprised of a Mate Black frame with a rubberized finish for ultimate comfort.  There are two logos on each pair of sunglasses.  On one arm you will find "Flite Test" in Siver lettering and on the other arm you will see the FT Gremlin also in bold silver!  Pick up a pair today and Look stylish in your FT Shades on every flight line! ;)

1x pair of Matte Black FT Sunglasses


Reviews (3)

TheStig4449 26th Dec 2016

Does what they are supposed to and more!

Not only do these sunglasses block out light when flying, they also are really stylish and comfortable. Im on my second pair after the first pairs lense broke, which leads me to think they should throw in some replacement lenses for a few dollars more.

George Palanciuc 18th Nov 2016

Awesome sunglasses!

Great quality, fast shipping, and very stylish... I love these! And if someone asks about the brand I can tell them all about the hobby and flight test! Thanks Flight Test!!!