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FT Simple Cub Float Set

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Have you built your FT Simple Cub and now want to take it on the water? The Simple Cub float sets are scheduled to ship by July 6th!

More pictures are coming soon! Note: white painted version is only for display. It comes in original water resistant foam color. 

The lightweight, foam float kit includes everything needed to complete the floatplane conversion, and is a great option that adds even more excitement to your flight experience! Made out of Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board by Adams it will withstand the Test on the water. 


1x FT Simple Cub Float Set
2x Standards 10" Skewers 
2x Thin landing Gear Wire (.10")



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Matt 5th Aug 2017

Look great but glue them in!

The float design is straightforward and elegant. The hardest part was bending the wire. I don’t know how Josh gets such clean bends with just a wrench! Mine looked more like U’s than L’s but it got the job done. Next time, I might invest in a Dubro Wire bending tool. In the speed build kit, the holes are punched on the wrong side of one of the floats but no big deal. Just eyeball using the other side as a mirror image and punch your own with a skewer. I tried the floats first off grass with a B size motor and 1600 battery and the cub handled it fine. The water steering ability is limited. Without water rudders, you lose steering ability when taxiing parallel to the shoreline or the wind. Best results were achieved taking off directly away from the shoreline and landing directly toward it. Ease into the throttle on takeoff, keep the wings level and don’t pull up to soon. The biggest challenge was fighting wing rock on takeoff. If you decide to fly the cub off water, commit to it and glue the floats in. I learned this the hard way when the rear half of the floats mount came out after a loop. I tried to limp back to the beach but crashed in the lake and toasted the ESC…No problem, it gave me an excuse to try a bigger (C sized) motor and 2200 battery with even better results!