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FT SeaAngel – Inspired by Porco Rosso

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FT SeaAngel – Inspired by Porco Rosso


The FT SeaAngel is a unique aircraft. It is modeled after Porco Rosso’s plane from the 1992 Hayao Miyazaki anime film made by Studio Ghibli as well as the 1925 racing plane, the Italian Macchi M33. It's sure to be a head-turner wherever you fly it.


The SeaAngel is a scale flier that can be can be flown 3-channel or 4-channel with optional ailerons. The build process is challenging, yet rewarding so if you are new to building this might not be the plane to start with. For a top-mounted motor design, the plane balances well. It is a good first sea plane and can help you learn to correct for torque as you throttle up. You can also choose between a B-motor and a C-motor for different flight characteristics. It is recommended you use the C-motor if planning to fly off water.


The SeaAngel is sure to be a conversation starter and a great way to make memories with friends and family.


This plane was designed as a collaboration between Josh Bixler, Andres Loo, and Jeremy Andrew Davis.


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