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FT Gremlin Frame - The FT Boar (Delrin)

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The FT Boar is the beginning of a new line of frames that is laminated delrin to give an awesome look yet retaining the affordable price.  Choose from two color selections.  The Red/Black or the special edition war boar for our friend in the Alabama Air National Guard, Boar!

We’ll be releasing more frame designs in the future as well as free plans to go along with them. And in the swappable spirit, we want to see what YOU create! Share your ideas for Gremlin frames on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an article, and it could become a Gremlin community release our Store!

Included with The FT Boar Frame

3) 25mm stand offs nylon
1) Battery pad
1) battery O ring
6) 6mm nylon screws

Main frame pieces
1) main body
1) Razor back fin
1) left vertical plate
1) right vertical plate


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