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FT Gremlin Frame Designed By Andres Lu (Delrin)

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his Gremlin was designed in a perfect X configuration for the pitch and roll controls to feel the same. The shorter body creates a more centralized mass while still allowing for all of the electronics to fit comfortably inside, making for a simple yet stylish frame.

     "Andres Lu"

The frames are made of a 3/32" thick Delrin plastic that is incredibly durable and works great for indoor and outdoor flying, making the Gremlin an affordable option for those learning to fly quads and for seasoned pilots as well. Keep your eye out for carbon fiber frames in the future!

We’ll be releasing more frame designs in the future as well as free plans to go along with them. And in the swappable spirit, we want to see what YOU create! Share your ideas for Gremlin frames on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an article, and it could become a Gremlin community release our Store!

Included with Andres's Gremlin Frame

3/32" Delrin Frame
3x 20mm Nylon Standoffs
4x M3 6mm Nylon Screws 
1x Rubber O-Ring For Battery
1x Thick Battery Pad


Reviews (1)

Dustin Russell 8th Oct 2017

Looks great, has a bit of a soft spot though.

I just picked up a kit, and finished my build last Monday. The gremlin has been a blast to fly, and this frame looks and flies great. Took a few hits and still going strong. That said, it does have a soft spot. The sharp angle at the where the arms meet at the front and rear of the quad create a focus for the stress, and as such lead. To a busted on arm on a very soft impact in some grass. I'll be picking up this frame again someday, especially if there is a carbon version released. That will be for my second Gremlin though. I'm going to go for a Carbon Bixler for my current build, since it seems a bit more sturdy.