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FT Glider Golf Pack

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FTGG- also known as FLITE TEST GLIDER GOLF now has its own PACK!! You guys asked for it and so we decided "LETS GIVE IT TO EM!" ha  This 3-in-1 package includes your DRIVER(simple soarer), your MID-RANGE(Tiny Trainer), and your PUTTER and APPROACH (Sparrow).  Get into the fastest growing sport in the Flight Hobby right now with this great addition to the FT product line!  We hope you all have as much fun playing this sport as we had!  Make sure to grab some friends and grab your FTGG Pack and make a day of it!  Share it with your friends and lets see if we can take this sport to new HEIGHTS!! ;)  We hope to see the FTGG Pro Tour one day!  LETS FLY!!!

This pack includes: 


NOTE:  To make the GLIDERS RC, the cheapest and best option is to get the A-Pack, which comes with 4 servos and a 1 motor, which will work for both the Tiny trainer and the Sparrow for powered Flight.  

Grabbing a few more servos will allow you to fly all three for every glider golf event you ever do!! ;)



Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! Some videos may use white foam board, which is no longer available and has now been replaced with water-resistant foam board.


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randy bates 21st Dec 2016

golf pack

I only have the Sparrow built. I found no 'dots' on the wing for CG, nor any lines where the servo wires enter/exit the fuse. Suggested parts for golf, needs no motor, just 3 ESC, one for each glider, and 3 2S batt, and 6 servos. I love the whole build idea that you've invented. Great work.