FT ES9051 (4.3g) Plastics Digital Servo

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JonnyPhenomenon 26th Apr 2018

Awesome little servos.

I was amazed at how tiny these were, and more amazed at how strong they were. They were easy to work with and incredibly light. the wires on them are really thin too. I should warn you, don't accidentally connect them to a 4s battery without a BEC. once the smoke comes out, they are done for, and you will be coming back here to order more. (which is exactly why I am here now....)

NASAguy 1st May 2017


Small but powerful! Do or do not, there is no try and these things do! As far as FT products go, i've used these on the FT Alpha so far running power pack F type of setup. As long as your wire is up to forcce, these servos will push and pull it. I must admit I was scared a few times during some high g maneuvers. Make sure you cut into them with a razor blade and scuff it up real good when hot glueing. These servos and the 9g ones have so much torque that if you do not mount them properly they will come undone if you did not do the proper prep work.