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FT Decal (20 Inch)

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The FT Decal Pack (20 Inch) designed for the airframes in the 3-Pack swappable. Consist of high quality cut vinyl. You you have the choice of RED, BLUE or BLACK. Each each color is available in STRIPES, SCALLOPS or STARBURSTS. The vinyl is back masked for easy application.

NOTE: Each sheet comes with ONE COLOR and ONE PATTERN. These decals can work for the Baby Blender however they are NOT OPTIMAL for the FT Cruiser.


Reviews (9)

Jack 24th May 2016

Nicely done!

These decals were easy to apply to my plane from the store and gave my plane a more professional and clean look instead of spray paint.

Marshal 25th Apr 2016

Rolled for shipping

Great decals. However, loosely rolled is not the way to ship them. Mine had wrinkles and creases where the backing seperated. Those areas will not stick. Layed down nicely and i used a credit card to smooth, burnish prior to removing the backing. Once peeled off, the areas that were seperated from the adhesive side backing slowly rose off the wing. Worked them back down, lasted about 30 seconds. I ended up slicing and gluing down the wrinkles. Shipped flat, they're beautiful. Just received more, haven't pulled from the cardboard tubes yet. Can't wait to see the matter black.