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Flite Test White Foam Board By Adams (50 Pack)

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Flite Test Foam is here! Each board begins with a 3/16" polystyrene foam core, laminated on either side with heavy craft paper. Perfect for our Swappable and Mighty Mini Airplanes! Case includes 50 – 30in x 20in white foam boards.


Reviews (6)

Marshal 2nd Aug 2016

Better than Dollar Tree.

My local Dollar Tree stocks the Adams board in racks. Always warped excessively. In hopes it was their display method I ordered a case of 25 directly (cost me $1.07 per sheet). I picked it up from the store and received it unopened. Sadly it was the same as it came out of the Box. The Flite Test foam cost me $2.01 per sheet delivered to my door. The first sheet out of the box (from the end) has a slight warp to it, maybe 1/2" over the 30" span. The Dollar Tree board is impossible to make large single thickness stabilizers without adding BBQ skewers or Carbon Fiber. Plus the larger fuselaged planes such as the FT Guinea would no way come out square. I built a tailboom for the FT Explorer 3 times from the DT foam and could not keep it from twisting. I'll happily pay twice the amount for straight foam. I've built 20+ scratchbuilts and look forward to digging into this box. Thanks guys.

Sean 25th May 2016

love the foam board here in Australia

The love the froam board but the shiping to australia is $100+. Why is it so much. All up with shiping its just under $200. Now that suxs. I just got a Ft arrow speed build kit , motor and esc and that cost around $140 :-( So i dont think ill be doing any more building here in Australia.