Flite Test

Flite Test LiPo Bag

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Keep your batteries together and organized with the Flite Test Lipo Storage Bag!


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Craig 28th Dec 2016

Love it

This is the second one of these lipo bags I've picked up over the last year, no complaints, love the quality and feel. It's not one of those cheaper quality bags you might find on Amazon or Hobbyking. Would buy again! No questions asked!

Brad 24th Nov 2016

Very nice product

No issues at the airport in checked baggage. Well constructed, nice dashed lines for writing battery type, qty, status, etc as desired. A little lighter material than other bag manufacturers but no issues to date with the FT Bag. I use 4 bags (Purchased 1 here and 3 of a different brand at local hobby shop) 1 for charged batteries 1 for discharged batteries 1 for batteries that are defective to go to hazardous waste depot 1 for charged(storage level) batteries All bags fit nice in a cardboard box for easy access to the correctly labelled bags to get the appropriate batteries needed.