Flite Test

Flite Test Ceramic Mug

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Watch your morning Flite Test episode while drinking from your Flite Test Mug! 


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27th Aug 2016

Best mug ever!

This is my one year review of the FT Mug. I ordered this mug last year with my Versacopter first of the name, and it has been my official breakfast mug ever since. I always cleaned it by hand (no dishwasher), because I know some items can't handle it, and I don't want to mess my mug if it's one of them because it is so great, and it shines as it was shining the first day. If you don't consider the fact that it has a Flite Test logo on it (and it has to be awesome just for that), this is a very, very nice mug. Not to big, but big enough when you're thirsty; the handle has the perfect size because I can grab it with the whole fingers inside the handle (and I have big hands), so you don't have your last finger alone in an ankward and painfull position. And damn, it is beautiful! Nice black coat on the outside, white inside, you can see better what you are putting inside, this thing is just perfect. No, it has only one default: there is only one logo on your side (if you're right handed you are the only person to see it), so other people can't see how cool it is. I will buy another one in my next order for sure, because when my girlfriend have his coffee in her poor Walmart mug, I am sad for her^^

Christopher Perry 20th Jun 2016

FT Mug has become my new favorite coffee mug

Great mug, thanks Austin