Flite Test

Flite Test Adjustable Lanyard

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Keep your transmitter safe and secure to yourself with our high quality FT adjustable lanyard! 


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James 13th Feb 2017


This is a great product and I love how easy it is to adjust it. Now my arms aren't sore after a day of flying.

EddyZ 23rd Dec 2016

Freedom to Fly rather than to "GRIP"! Very Happy and love the Logo!

So nice and comfortable to use and Very Glad I Bought one! Later I plan on getting the Graupner 6channel transmitter/receiver! Because I have an issue with my FlySky 6channel.So nice to have a souvenir and the FliteTest Name Logo to have even more to talk about to friends wanting to get into the Hobby! Very Happy! It's durable and easy to adjust! All and all a very nice Lanyard! :)