DYS F4 Mini Flight Controller (r)

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The high performance of the DYS F4 PRO FC has been brought into the Micro class!  DYS has risen to the challenge of putting its best in a small package with a 6-layer PCB board and 3oz copper to keep this tiny thing as cool as can be! The MPU600 accompanied with vibration dampeners bring the BUTTA out on a small scale!


  • Betaflight firmware 
  • "DYS F4 PRO" firmware can be used 
  • STM32F405 master with higher refresh rate and more function ports
  • Six-layer PCB board and 3OZ copper to enhance the over-current and heat dissipation
  • Connected by SPISix axis senor MPU600 
  • Compatible all split-type escs
  • Microcontroller controls OSD chip through SPI bus DMS mode and faster speed
  • Support BF setting software to flash and debug OSD
  • 5V power supply max up to 2A
  • Use remote control to view flight control parameter through OSD
  • Supports SMART AUDIO, IRC TRAMP control, adjust the VTX frequency and power etc by flight control (will support DYS new VTX)
  • Features heat resistance damping ball to upgrade the stability and operation
  • 2-4s lipo input support, with the anti-ignition function TVS device
  • Net weight 6g excluding cable
  • Dimension L 30mmX W 27mm, 20X20mm hole pattern

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Mounting Pattern:
20 x 20