BLHeli Series 30A ESC (XT60)

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Mike Close 15th May 2017

Smoked before second flight

I had some hard landings in the Spear two days ago, but the ESC never hit the ground. I plugged my 4S 2200 in while prepping for the second flight today and it immediately shot flames out the back. Crazy blue flames. I know this kind of stuff happens with cheap Chinese parts like this, but it worked so well two days ago, it was a bit of a shock. Now I have to figure out how to cut into the power pod on the Spear and replace it. I haven't decided how I'm going to do it yet, or which ESC I'm going to use. I'm tempted to give this ESC a second try (c'mon, the FliteTest guys wouldn't sell complete garbage, right?) but I haven't decided.

4th Feb 2017

Good price

Have had no issues so far.