BLHeli Series 20A ESC (XT60)

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Coby 11th Mar 2017

Good For Plug n Play Terrible for Direct Solder

This ESC is very big compared to other 20amp escs. Since flying quads, I've become accustomed to direct soldering components. The very first motor lead I tried to desolder pulled the contact pad off, ruining the esc. I tried to do the other two with the same result. My mistake I guess, be careful if you attempt to do the same.

David B 8th Feb 2017

Never felt it hot.

Great product that comes in the B Motor Pack, or by itself. It's so nice that it comes with the ESC wires pre soldered so that you can connect directly to the motor. That saves a lot of time and hassle. Great ESC. You've got to love Flitetest!