BARDWELL 32 BIT 4-IN-1 30a ESC BY RDQ With harness for Riot Control FC (r)

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We worked together with RDQ to get Bardwell 4 in 1 ESCs that are direct plug and play with our Riot Control FC. This combo makes for a super simple build. Supporting DShot1200 and taking a 3-6s direct lipo input, this setup is ready for racing or freestyle any day of the week!

Note that even though this ESC is plug-n-play with the Bardwell FC, it is a fantastic selection on any build, regardless of the flight controller being used. Always take care to check the pin out on your FC and ESC match. Adjust the pins of the wire harness as required so that everything is connected appropriately.

Looking for a replacement 8 pin cable? We've got you covered!


✓  Battery: 3-6s
✓  Constant Current: 30A
✓  Burst Current: 40A
✓  Size: 36*36mm   
✓  Mounting Holes: 30.5 x 30.5
✓  Firmware: BLHeli32  (BLHeliSuite32 passthrough)
✓  Wire Harness Or Direct Solder (see below)
✓  Weight: 13.1g 
✓  Harness length: 60mm
✓  No BEC



1x    4 in 1 ESC

1x    65mm Power / Signal Wire Harness


A cool feature of the ESC is that under the wiring harness is pads for the various connections. So, if they wiring harness gets destroyed in a crash, you can remove it, direct solder to the pads and continue using the ESC. Note that in the photo below, the wiring harness connections are listed on the left and the pads are listed on the right.

SWC is ESC Telemetry.

Bardwell 32Bit 4-in-1 3-6S 30a ESC for Sale




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