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Adtech Pro200 Glue Gun (200 Watt)

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One of the best glue gun values around. This heavy duty glue gun offers 200 watts of heater power and can deliver up to 3.5 pounds of glue per hour. Durable design, comfortable grip and trigger, and high volume glue output, all add up to an outstanding value!  This is the gun of Choice for all of our builds.  You won't be disapointed with this gun when you are in the middle of your Kraken or Guinea build.

  • Output per hour: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) 
  • Operating temp:410°F/210°C 
  • 200 watt PTC heating system 
  • Uses 7/16" (12 mm glue sticks) 
  • 3 minute warm up 
  • Power on light 
  • Comfortable 4 finger trigger 
  • Stable dual stands

Reviews (40)

Lance 27th Jan 2017

Ad Tech Pro 200 Glue Gun

WOW! This is a very nice glue gun! It is very controllable and gets the glue right where you need it. quick warm up and plenty of heat. Thanks again FT!

Will Bernhardt 7th Jan 2017

AdTech Pro 200

This is an amazing glue gun! It is a huge step up from my old glue gun.(I do not even know what type, some generic one) This is the glue gun to get, without a doubt! It works with any build, but it is a bit over kill for some of the smaller planes.